Credit where credit is due

Twenty years ago I registered this domain and built my first WordPress website, a blog, that helped smooth my transition moving, after 28 years in NYC, from Brooklyn to Milledgeville, GA. WordPress has changed a lot 😱 and so have I 🤗. More on that in the days to come but for now, as I set out to build this latest version of my website, I have 2 people to thank for moving me forward on this project.

Jonathan Huber is a dear friend who has stuck by me through thick and thin here in Atlanta. He also honored me by asking me to digitize and restore an album of over 300 photos to celebrate a significant birthday of his mother. I had a longstanding interest in photo restoration. Jonathan’s project helped kick it up a notch. He also granted me permission to use certain images here on this site.

Carol Hammond, a friend from aquatics and the gym, suggested there could be a market for these skills. She encouraged me to explore that possibility and agreed to help develop the offerings I’ve put together here. She’s also reviewed and provided invaluable feedback on every element of this site. I am grateful for her insights, gentle nudges and support. And for granting me permission to use some of her images here.

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